Our unique culture, selection processes and hiring practices allow us to attract and retain the people required to provide the consistent, reliable customer experience we strive to create. It is this unique approach that fosters an empowering environment that drives the success of our company and that of our clients.

Near Shore Location:

Peace of Mind. Nearshoring represents the ideal combination between operational efficiency and cost-savings, blending the advantages of both on-site activities and outsourcing.

Similar time zone:

Being in a similar time zone as the provider, gives our organization some key advantages. Work is done in the same time, so projects can be better coordinated. This also leads to more satisfied and stable workforces.

Closer proximity:

Being located in geographically in Colombia, gives parties the opportunity to meet in person. Some complex problems are better solved face to face. Our three locations ,being closer to the client , makes visiting each other easier.

Cultural affinity:

There is better communication and coordination between countries with similar cultural background. In the case of off shoring, there can be huge gaps between the two parties and this can arouse problems.

Nearshoring reduces this type of problems, the outsourcing partners being able to relate themselves more promptly to the outsourcers’ requirements..

English Proficiency:

BILATERAL is leader in providing sustainable bilingual work force. Academy and government alliances brings us close to a reachable large pool of competitive bilingual labor.

Reduced cost:

With more than 9 years of servicing US Based Telecommunication Companies , BILATERAL has gained an intimate understanding of real business needs along with its pressures, demands, regulations, and technological innovations associated with the industry.

Our flexible BPO model, which seamlessly merges back and front office services, has been leveraged to improve the customer experience and ultimately, your bottom line

BILATERAL provides a flexible platform along with simplified processes throughout our PCI certified contact centers - reducing costs, while optimizing customer satisfaction.

Robust infrastructure / VoIP

Bilateral uses the latest technology driven with proper solution sizing, based on our multi tiered environment.

From the very first step Bilateral leverages the best techniques, guarantying quick start and robust solutions.

No matter what Signaling service you are using we can transcode it to VoIP, to secure, improve quality and carry the voice on the most effective way.

Business continuity plan and PCI reinforces the robust infrastructure acquired and maintained.
Security Policy / vendors Only