Correspondance processing

We initiate with a manual process in order to efficiently customize and incorporate an automated solution to help your company quickly organize incoming correspondence – including regular mail, e-mail and faxes.

Order provisioning

Your business will benefit from our 24x7 order processing group. Using our offshore labor pool you can streamline and accelerate your processes and reduce errors.

Account maintenance

Our team of experts will analyze your current process to look for areas of opportunity and work towards delivering a fully integrated solution that incorporates automated workflow. With our Account Maintenance Service you can:

Reduce processing costs.
Unify to a single platform for managing paper and electronic contracts.
Improve contract processing turnaround times.
Improve accuracy and workflow.

Order - to - cash

Our experts will analyze your existing workflows, and design an outsourcing solution to meet your specific needs. We are currently PCI certified, bringing you piece of mind while concentrating on your core business. Our full range of OTC Services includes: Order management Billing Collections Management Deductions and Dispute managementt

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